NHS Autism Assessment for Children & Young People

NHS-funded Service for Families living in the Calderdale area

DAISY Psychology Services now provides an NHS Autism Assessment Service for children and young people aged between 3-14 years old through the ‘Patient Choice Framework’ which is free at the point of entry for families residing within the Calderdale Clinical Commission Group (CCG) area.

This NHS Service offers:

  • Screening for Autism-Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Assessment and Diagnosis of ASD

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot refer yourself to this service. A referral has to be made by a Calderdale GP.

How to access an NHS Referral

Calderdale GPs may refer eligible clients to our service by completing the following referral forms:

Further information surrounding our referral processes and inclusion/exclusion criteria can be made available to GPs on request by emailing info@daisypsychology.org

Further Information about the NHS Choice Framework for Families and Professionals

Under the NHS Choice Framework (also known as ‘Patient Choice’), families residing within the Calderdale CCG area can seek an NHS referral for an assessment of autism-spectrum disorder through an alternative provider via their GP. There is a right to choose a specific provider when:

  • A GP decides to refer a child/young person for an assessment of autism-spectrum disorder.
  • A parent has the right to go back to their GP and request a referral to a different provider if their child remains on a waiting list that exceeds 18 weeks.
  • The family seeking an assessment for their child was not initially offered choice at the point of referral.

A choice can then be made of either:

  • A locally commissioned NHS service.
  • Or another service that holds an NHS contract for the service being referred to.

Further information surrounding NHS Choice can be found here: