Terms and Conditions

Key Details

DAISY Psychology Services is involved primarily in providing assessment for neurodevelopmental conditions and services can include:

• Face-to-face contact with clients and relevant family members.

• School observations.

• Consultations with other professionals via meetings, email and telephone.

• Review of previous reports from education and relevant professionals.

• Interpretation of psychometric and neuropsychological assessment tools.

• Report writing and dissemination.

Although DAISY Psychology does not provide regular follow-up after the assessment process is completed, clients and/or representatives may be signposted to appropriate services and informed of their rights in law arising from any diagnosis. A written diagnostic report will also be provided incorporating our professional recommendations based on any identified needs.

Before any formal assessment is undertaken, all parts of the process will be explained to those involved.

DAISY Psychology will only provide clinical services if we believe, to the best of our ability, that it is appropriate to the individual case, based on information at our disposal at the time of the recommendation or action undertaken.


DAISY Psychology will obtain informed and valid consent prior to undertaking an assessment. While it is recognised that parental consent can allow an assessment to occur for clients under the age of 18 years old, consideration will be given to the views of any young person regarding their desire for assessment and we hold the right to refuse further investigation where we feel appropriate. Where clients lack capacity to give valid consent, DAISY Psychology will discuss how we are to proceed with representatives of the client and where appropriate, with the client themselves.

Assessment Process

Our assessment process usually occurs over 3-5 sessions, with each session lasing around 90 to 120 minutes. A routine assessment will involve:

• An initial screening appointment to explore developmental and presenting concerns while providing opportunity to answer any questions, complete screening questionnaires and decide whether further assessment is recommended.

• Parental/Carer assessment using the Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R) to explore an individual’s social interaction skills, communication skills, restricted patterns of behaviour/interests and sensory-related behaviours.

• Formal observational assessment using the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition (ADOS-II).

• School teacher assessment via completion of evidence-based questionnaires and qualitative report (with parental consent).

• Multidisciplinary team discussion and diagnosis outcome.

• Feedback appointment followed by a written diagnostic report.

On some occasions, further clinical assessments may be necessary to fully understand the needs of an individual and reach a final decision. This could include a school observation, sensory assessment, or an assessment of cognition/thinking skills. We will always discuss this with you to ensure you remain fully informed and involved in the assessment process and you will always be able to share with us your concerns and/or hesitations.

To ensure a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach, assessments will be completed by Dr Richard Dearden and other appropriately qualified personnel. Supervision of any additional clinical personnel will be provided where required.

Assessment Outcome

DAISY Psychology aims to ascertain, to the best of our ability, whether a client meets the diagnostic criteria for a neurodevelopmental condition, based on available information at our disposal, at the time of assessment. We do not guarantee that an assessment will lead to a formal diagnosis. There may be instances in which the assessment is inconclusive or where diagnostic criteria are not met. Alternatively, the assessment may indicate that investigation is required for an alternative condition and where possible, we will signpost to relevant support.

Session Structure, Confirmation and Cancellations/Postponements

Assessment sessions take place in pre-arranged locations at agreed dates and times. Home visits are not available. While appointments are arranged on a preliminary basis, they are not confirmed until payment has been received.

Sessions cannot run over their agreed duration and so if a client is late, they will have the remainder of this time available to them and the full cost of the appointment will still be charged. Should a client arrive late and it is not possible to complete the required sections of the assessment, further sessions may be arranged but at an additional cost.

Information about what to expect and what to bring along will be communicated at the time when appointments are arranged. The assessment process may be delayed or hindered if the information we have requested is not brought to the session.

You will not be charged for cancellations/postponements made up to 48 hours in advance. However, if you cancel with less than 48 hours’ notice, there will be a full charge for the sessions arranged.

DAISY Psychology will provide as much notice as possible for any unexpected cancellations.

Fees and Payment Methods

Fees are outlined in the table below and are inclusive of report writing, liaison with relevant professionals, scoring/interpretation of various assessment measures and travel.

After appointment details have been arranged preliminary, an associated invoice for payment in full will be issued immediately. Sessions will not be confirmed until payment has been received. This must be paid by bank transfer (BACS) more than 72 hours (3 days) prior to each appointment. Failure to pay within this time-frame will likely result in the appointment being cancelled. Bank details are provided on the invoice.

Withdrawal from the Assessment Process

Clients are reminded that they are free to withdraw from involvement in the assessment process at any time. In some circumstances, however, financial liabilities may remain following withdrawal. Where this is the case, the nature of such liability will be made clear to the client before they withdraw.

Diagnostic Report

Following an assessment, a written diagnostic report will be provided together with our professional recommendations based on identified needs. This report will be copied to the referrer and with consent, other relevant agencies and professionals as requested and deemed appropriate.

Reports will contain what the responsible clinical practitioners involved in the assessment believe to be a true account of facts ascertained during the assessment process. Reports will indicate all sources of information used in ascertaining facts and forming opinion.

Where opinion is provided, it will be based on a belief in its accuracy and will be provided by clinicians with appropriate qualifications and expertise to form such opinion. All matters on which an opinion is expressed will be clearly differentiated from matters of fact.

No information will be included in the report that has been suggested by anyone external to the assessment process without DAISY Psychology Services forming an independent view of its relevance and suitable provenance.

The final report includes the work and opinions of the clinicians involved, with clinical responsibility being taken collectively by the assessment team.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Information relating to how DAISY Psychology Services processes, manages and stores personal data is found in our Privacy Statement.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The Terms and Conditions outlined in this document are governed by the laws of England and Wales and will be interpreted in accordance with the English courts. The English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any claim or dispute which might arise out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions.